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Welcome users,
Basically this site is devoloped by Asta e-technologies, an I.T firm based on Dehra Dun,an emerging I.T hub and future metro city.No wonder, just after 9 years of Uttarakhand came into existence, it's in one of the top 10 per capita income states of India and still when many industrial and I.T projects are on the verge of completing.

Therefore seeing the economic growth of Dun city and interest of Doonites' professionals in matrimonial and social sites, we decided to launch this Matrimonial site especially for the residents of India.

Our mission

Dedication : Since we are a small organisation, we try harder than the big companies so that our members get full satisfaction as we appreciate our members. We would try to bring new services and features to help our members for their search of dream partner.

User Friendly site : The site is devoloped in a such a way that a normal person can know its usage himself, without anyone help, just by following simple instruction. We have worked in all direction to reduce complications that may be faced by the site users.

Simple Searches :
The searches provided in the site are simple and members can use any of them according to his/her choice. Plus, if still members are not getting sufficient results, we would like their feedbacks in this regards so tat we can modify to give best to our members.

Security & Privacy Controls : We value our members' information privacy. Information like e-mail, contact numbers, bank a/c numbers are stored safely with us. Every member's (free or paid) profile is briefly checked and validated. Only paid members are allowed to view other members contact information.
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